Well-Being for Primary Schools

Make Good Things Happen Well-Being Programme

Specifically put together to help children at this challenging time. Using research led principles to restore optimism, well-being and build resilience. Activities that are fun for children and adults, free to download, and easy for staff to deliver.

The programme starts with a story, Robyn & The Three Secrets, for teachers to read to the class with illustrations to show in powerpoint. Robyn shows how many good and kind things have been happening in hidden places, how to rise above our thoughts to a place of calm and find our secret power to help the world. The programme uses nature therapy activities, kids meditations, stretches and more to release any built up anxiety and restore a positive mindset. All the activities are beautifully presented in a format you can change, add to and adapt. And share freely with colleagues.

The programme has 14 days of materials – that can be integrated into an ordinary teaching day or used in nurture group sessions – all materials are free to download for classroom use.

Day 1, 2 & 6 have a powerpoint plus the relevant part of the story (pdf). Subsequent days will generally have all the materials on a powerpoint only. See instructions, downloadable below, for more information.

Support & Briefings for your staff

We are offering Zoom briefings for your staff, on a donation basis. Which means there is no obligation to contribute anything, but if you are able to, it will help cover our costs.

If you need any help with any aspect of the programme or to arrange a briefing, please give us a call on 0345 2235 398 or email wendy@hopemountain.org.uk

Day 1 materials

Day 2 materials

Day 3 materials

Day 4 materials

Day 5  materials

Day 6  materials

Day 7 materials

Day 8 materials

Days 9 materials

Day 10 materials

Day 11 materials

Day 12 materials

Day 13 materials

Day 14 materials

This is the final day of the programme – with just a short film and audio story/meditation to bring everything together.