Everyone needs to be believed in, to be seen for who they are. It’s what helps us thrive and reach our potential. For those who have never been believed in, or whose life has spiralled down, it can be hard to see their strengths. That’s where hope mountain boxes can help. Because they help both young people and adults see through to their good core, build the empathy needed to improve relationships and get them dreaming up positive solutions for their life. Both the Unearthing and Journey boxes are fun to do and help people out of negative spirals onto a positive track.

We use the very best materials, in beautiful resources that are easy and enjoyable to use. When people use Hope Mountain boxes they feel valued, seen for who they are and listened to. Our prices are low because we are a not for profit organisation who publish and sell directly, as well as run inspiring in-house training that will help your staff get the very best outcomes for your young people.

“Many of the young people I work with totally identify with the negative labels they have been given. The Unearthing sessions give them a place of calm –so that they can think outside the box they have put themselves in – see who they are beneath the labels they have been given – by exploring their good qualities, how they could use these more to be the person they would like to be.” Hannah Dooley, Youth Justice Service, Denbigh and Conwy


 What is the Unearthing box?

Helps both young people and adults see an altogether different, more positive view of themselves, helping them to lead their life in a different way. By helping to understand those around us better and think creativily, it helps to see a way out of life’s thorny problems.

 and the Life Journey box?

Create a gorgeous wall poster of a personalised route map to the life we want  to lead – so we can see our value, build on our strengths and work out do-able steps  to move forward.
– quality materials leads to remarkable engagement

– increases self esteem & empathy

– solves problems with positivity and compassion

– helps find the wisdom we need to progress


Starter kits for organisations £62

Contact us for information on our training packages. Training fee is £600 for a group of 20, plus the cost of  an Unearthing or Journey box for each staff member (£24).

Unearthing and Journey boxes are £24 each. English and Welsh versions available for both Orange Unearthing box 5-9 years and Brown Unearthing box 10 years to adult.

More views on the Unearthing box:

Peter Clough, Family Support Worker, with TAPP team (Therapeutic and Preventative Project), Denbighshire: “Its a wonderful resource. I have used all sorts of resources over the years, but the Unearthing box really opens doors for families and parents – what is unique about it is that it helps them to find their own answers. Its just like watching the light go on inside their mind. That’s because first and foremost it makes them feel extremely special and valued.”

Diana Dewhurst, Resettlement Officer, YJS: “I use the Unearthing box with the toughest, older boys and they love doing it. It calms them right down, no matter how agitated they are when they start the session. And it’s in that calm that they start to talk more openly, in ways that don’t normally happen in sessions, so you then are able to approach the problem areas of their life, areas they weren’t willing to talk about previously and start to deal with them.”

Derek Hughes, Learning Coach: “Often young people are facing problems alone. The Unearthing box helps us to see the young person’s problems more clearly, and support them to overcome problems themselves.”