Meditation Course

The next Part 1 of the meditation course starts on Tuesday 7th June and runs via zoom for 45 minutes each week for 7 sessions at  6.00 – 6.45 pm 




Week 1:  Rise above and be at peace. 

How to rise above our chattering mind into calm. Whenever we need it.

Week 2:  Be kind to your Mind

How to change any harshness we have towards ourself and replace it with kind self-talk.  Inner kindness is revolutionary for our well-being.

Week 3: Detach from the drama of life

The drama of life never stops. We need to know how to take a break from all thats going on to restore our peace of mind.

Week 4: Loving kindness – The Feelgood Gym

The remarkable science of loving kindness, and how we can use it to boost our well-being.

Week 5: Loving Kindness – The Big Stuff

Loving kindness meditations to improve relationships – the good ones and the challenging ones – to prevent glitchy relationships from stealing our peace.

Week 6: Carry Calm into Situations you Dread

We can’t control events, but we can change our approach to them so that our worries diminish and our well-being improves. How to deal more comfortably with stressful challenges and help the best of us to show up in tough situations.

Week 7:  Your Beautifully Imperfect Self

We don’t have to be perfect to love ourself.

5 powerful ways to love who we are so that we can stop comparing to others and start accepting ourself.

Plus extra online content: Comfortable with our Mistakes

Mistakes don’t have to knock our confidence. Instead we can learn to detach from them  and use them to propel us forward to a better version of ourself.