Cool Head & Warm Heart

Our next meditation course is for Flintshire Council Staff and starts on Tues 7th September and runs via zoom for 45 minutes each week for 8 weeks.  You can either join the weekly session in the morning at 9.30 -10.15 am or in the evening at 6.00 – 6.45 pm. The course has been designed to help you build up an easy and enjoyable daily practice to increase your peace of mind – each week there will be new 10 minute daily guided meditations, sleep meditations and other useful stuff.  

All the materials you need to support your practice will go live straight after each weekly zoom session on the Course Page.  

To access the course and keep track of your progress, you will need to create a user name and password.  

The very first time you visit the Course Page, click the Enroll button, then “create a new account” (below the login). Thereafter, you can just log in with your username and password.

As Flintshire staff you can also invite your friends and family onto the course at no charge – forward this page to them so they can create their own course account and access all the support materials for themselves. They can join the live zoom sessions and get all the same access to materials as you.



Course Content


Week 1:  Meditation basics – finding a place of peace in your mind


How to be the kind observer of your mind. How to rise above your chattering mind to a place of peace.


Week 2:  Meditation basics – Being kind to yourself


Recap on the basics of the kind observer technique and the method of rising above the mind to a place of peace. Followed by guidance on how to change any harshness we have towards ourself and replace it with kind self-talk. Developing inner kindness can be revolutionary for our well-being.


Week 3 & 4 : Detach from the drama of life 

The drama of life never stops. We need to know how to take a break from it on a daily basis  to restore our peace of mind. We also need to know how we can prevent other people’s behaviour from spoiling our inner peace. Mistakes don’t have to knock our confidence. Instead we can learn to detach from them  and use them to propel us forward on our journey to a better version of ourself.


Week 5 & 6: Loving kindness


The remarkable science of loving kindness, and how we can use it to boost our well-being. Together we will practice meditations on loving kindness, and how this can improve our relationships – the good ones and the challenging ones too.


Week 7: Being a director


We can’t control events, but we can change our approach to them so that our worries diminish and our well-being improves. We will learn practices to deal more comfortably with stressful challenges.  And help the best in us to show up in tough situations.


Week 8:  Love and compassion for yourself

Gathering together all the things we have learned over the 8 weeks.  And learning a practice to experience love for ourself.