Meditation Course Part 2


Starts on Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 6.00 – 6.45 pm.

And runs for 8 weeks, missing the week for spring half term (w/b 21st  February).

Week 7 on 1st March & Week 8 on 8th March after Half Term

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Sharing meditations with others – How meditation can make learning easier and settle down emotions in the classroom.

The 3 principles of authentic meditation – How to make sharing meditation comfortable for us and ‘hit the spot’ for others.

How to make meditation compelling – Sharing from our personal experience, makes meditation relatable. We never need to show up as an expert. Being yourself, someone  learning as they go, is much more compelling.

Using a themed script – How to use a script in an authentic way. Using it as a road map to keep on track. But in your own language.

Plus there will be time to learn from each other and get comfortable with sharing meditations in practice. As well as improving your own wellbeing.


Topics for this course

8 Lessons

All your weekly support materials will go live below after each lesson

Week 1 – Introduction to Sharing Meditation with Others
Week 2 – The Three principles of Authentic Meditation
Week 3 – Share your Journey
Week 4 – Improving a Relationship
Week 5 – Improving a Relationship (part 2)
Week 6 – Being more Comfortable in Situations we Dread
Week 7 – Being comfortable in situations we Dread (part 2)
Week 8 – Bringing it all together and Further Support