Make Good Things Happen Meditations

Make Good Things Happen Meditations

Themed meditations for both grown-ups and young people.

A 5 week course for teachers and teaching assistants. Learn the basics of meditation and explore themed meditations that are as relevant for our own well-being as they are for young people. These meditations can be used at the start of a class or during nurture group sessions, with pocket size reminder cards and audio versions to use on your phone. With printed materials to copy and recordings for you to distribute freely.


be free webv2Be Free of other people’s opinions of you 

When you feel judged, there is a way to stop feeling bad and take back the right to be yourself.




detach webv2Detach from the Dramas of life

Life can seem like a drama – settle your emotions down by taking a short mental break from all that’s going on.




fast web2Fast Forward from Mistakes

Be kind to yourself after making a blunder and set change in motion straight away.




dial down web2Dial Down your worries about situations you dread                                                              

Instead of worrying about how things will turn out switch your perspective so you can give your best.



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